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 Treatment planning single anterior dental implants for dentists 

It is a valuable resource that identifies the unique challenges that are present in the anterior maxilla during dental implant therapy and ways of circumventing these challenges to achieve esthetic and functional implant success. 

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ISBN#: 9781546242789 (paperback version $79.99)
ISBN#: 97815462526 (E-book Kindle $39.99 and Nook version $29.99)
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 Understanding Periodontitis

This book reviews the new classification from the 2017 from the American Academy of Periodontology and European Federation of Periodontology and contrasts it with 1999 Classification of Periodontal diseases and conditions as well as provides a valuable review of current periodontal therapy. 

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ISBN#: 9781463446116 (Paperback $65.00 and E-book Kindle and Nook version $29.99)
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Treatment planning dental implants for new dentists starting implant therapy

It provides a comprehensive step by step guide for dentists that are starting dental implant therapy with key resources and chapter summaries at the end of each chapter to ensure their success in treatment planning, placing and restoring dental implants. 

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ISBN#: 9781546221111 (Paperback $89.00)
ISBN#: 9781546221104 (E-book Kindle and Nook version)
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patient book on implants

 Essential Implant Therapy

It is a must have book for patients that are seeking dental implants for replacement of missing teeth. With its detailed information on all aspects of dental implant therapy, it provides a realistic impression on what to expect when receiving dental implants, and is a valuable resource in convincing patients that might be on the fence about the benefits of dental implant therapy. 

Look for ISBN#: 9781463420413 on amazon and Barnes&Noble $36.00

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