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Expert Dental Education Services.LLC provides an enriched learning environment that prepares dentists in all aspects of Periodontics and dental implant therapy as well as Practice Management. Our courses are varied and unique to fit all implant therapy experience and skill level. Our Periodontics and Implant courses are board approved with Continuing education credits and provide dentists with necessary unparalleled tools that they will need for diagnosing, treatment planning and managing patients that are being treated with dental implants or receiving periodontal therapy. We are also adding a section that will cover Case reports to provide dentists with before and after clinical results, types of procedures completed to achieve results and ways of accomplishing those outcomes.

Our courses also offer information from the latest studies in implant dentistry and periodontics so that dentists are fully informed on the therapy and management for their patients receiving dental implants or that need periodontal therapy. These courses cover didactic and clinical information as well as how to apply the information with case reports that show outcomes that are occurred and how to achieve those outcomes.

These courses provide a very thorough review that will enrich your experience as a dental practitioner, enhancing your ability to continue to provide state of the art care for your patients. Please keep in touch with us through the surveys at the end of the course to let us know how to better enhance your experience with the site and our courses. Your feedback is highly appreciated and we won the East Coast USA award for dental training provider for 2021-2022 thanks to your support.

By choosing Video courses and clicking below on Show results you can see our list of video courses, similarly, by choosing PDF courses and clicking on Show results it also allows you to view our list of PDF courses giving you a variety of courses to choose from, to take the PDF courses use the arrow keys to navigate through the course. So browse our courses, you are sure to find a variety of courses that you will enjoy. Please do not forget to give us your feedback through our Surveys so we can continue to improve on our courses

Expert Dental Education Services is an ADA recognized continuing education provider for a 2 year term, from 05/01/24-06/30/26. 

About Our Team of Dentists:

Dr. Nkem Obiechina

Dr. Nkem Obiechina is a periodontist that has been conducting seminars for dentists since she graduated from Columbia University Periodontics program in 2001 and her doctorate in Dental Medicine from University of Pittsburgh in 1998. She has published articles and books on dental implant therapy and Periodontics and has used her experience and expertise to create these online courses that capture all aspects of implant treatment planning starting with courses for Dentists beginning implant therapy to treatment planning anterior implant cases, review of site development prior to implant placement to treatment planning partially and completely edentulous patients, online to meet the needs of dentists who can take these courses at their own pace in addition to our courses on Periodontics for Dentists and Hygienists.

Dr. Leslie Pasco

Dr. Leslie Pasco is a practice owner, practice management consultant, coach for dentists and professional speaker. She graduated with her doctorate in Dental Medicine from University of Pittsburgh Dental School. Passionate about improving health and wellness of others, her goal is to make your practice work for you, rather than you working for it. It is essential to know and be able to apply the right principles and strategies to make and keep you practice strong. Dr. Leslie Pasco will share her 5 Steps to Success in Dentistry and applicable actions you can take right now to ensure future growth of your practice.

Dr. Ahmad Soolari

Dr. Ahmad Soolari completed his doctorate from Dentistry from University of Mississippi School of Dentistry in 1990 where he received multiple awards. He received his specialty training in Periodontics from Eastman Dental Center and Master of Science degree from University of Rochester in New York. He is a diplomate of the American Academy of Periodontology since 1997. Dr. Soolari is a consultant with National Naval Medical Center Postgraduate Periodontics, Bethesda, Maryland and former Clinical Associate professor at University of Maryland. He brings his experience and expertise to creating Case Studies based on patients he has treated over the years using a multi-specialty approach and shows the procedures that were necessary to create outstanding patient outcomes. With before and after results and step by step planning he will be able to show you how to give your practice the edge it needs in achieving highest standards of care and patient success with dental implants and multi-specialty cases involving periodontal therapy.

Comments & Reviews From Dentists, Hygienists and Office Managers That Have Attended Our Seminars:

Dr. S.G

New York

 “Dr. Obiechina’s course was detailed with very helpful information.” 

Dr. K.P

New York

 “The course was great when is the next one” 

Dr. R.S

Somerset, NJ

 “Thorough, detailed everything you should know as a dentist about periodontics and implant dentistry” 

Dr. A.B

Somerset, NJ

 “The course by Dr. Obiechina was easy to understand, very organized and detailed I enjoyed it


New York

 “The course was very detailed and organized, I learned a lot about how to diagnose recession, and its treatment, I will not be overlooking it anywhere in the mouth.” 


New York

 “Very detailed and interesting I really enjoyed Dr. Obiechina’s course” 

Practice Management Reviews:

G. N


” Dr. Leslie teaches things in a simple manner, easy to understand and apply”

D. L


“Learning how to handle my business and not just be stuck in it all the time really has changed my personal life”



” I have never worked with anyone who can organize a practice like Dr. Leslie, my job is so much easier and everything runs so smooth”


New York

” I never learned anything about practice management in dental school and I was struggling big time with my practice. Thank goodness for these basics!”



” I am ready to take my practice to the next level after this!”

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