How to register & Take a course

Click on “Register” which is located on the top right corner of the screen.
Complete the Form” and click on “Register” . Please remember that Dental license Number and State For Dental Licensure are required for U.S Dentists only.
Next Step a window pop up will open. Please read the message carefully and then close the window.
Click on “Edit Profile“. Once the profile page opens, review and make sure all your  information is correct . Don’t forget to “Enter Your First & Last Name“. Then click on “Save Changes“. Now the registration is complete!
You can browse the courses by clicking on “Courses” on the top menu. Once you are on Courses page, you can mouse over the courses for a brief information and then choose to “Preview This Course” and click on it.
Now the courses page will open. Here you can read the “Courses Description”, Number of  Lectures” , “Number of Credits” and etc. If you decide to take this course, you can simply click on “Get The Course“.
Next step you will be directed to “Check Out” Page where you can choose to pay by “PayPal” or “Stripe“.
Once the payment is done, you can click on “Start the Course” and you will be directed to the first lecture.
The lectures for the course will show up in sequence. Don’t forget to click on “Complete” once you finished the lecture. Then you can click on the arrow on the right side to start the next lecture.
Even though we are using a standard movie player, But we would like you to take a moment and review this illustrated image to get a better understanding of of how our media player works.
Once you complete the very last lecture, a window pop up will show where you can “Save Your Certificate”, “Take Survey” and “Submit your Certificate for Approval“. It is necessary to submit your certificate for approval, so we can submit your Continuing Education Credits to your board.
You can always click on “Your Name” on the upper right side of the screen to Re-download Your Certificates and review your Orders and the Courses you took.
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