Impact of Gingival tissue on periodontal health around teeth for Dental Hygienist

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Credits: 4 Continuing Education Credit Hours
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Course Summary:

The periodontium is composed of gingiva, periodontal ligament, cementum and alveolar bone. The periodontium is responsible for supporting, protecting and nourishing teeth. The tissue components that comprise the periodontium are interdependent, and the health of all components are necessary for teeth to be periodontally healthy. Gingiva is the part of periodontium that is visible in the mouth and changes in consistency, color, quantity and quality can be able to signal potential problems or disease affecting the periodontium. The gingival complex is comprised of free gingiva, attached gingiva, gingival margin and gingival sulcus. Free gingiva is a mobile cuff of tissue above the alveolar crest it is about 1mm in width, while attached gingiva extends to the muco-gingival junction and is bound by collagen fibers to bone and underlying cementum. The goal of this course is to review impact of conditions that impact gingival tissue such as bacterial plaque, gingival tissue profile, presence of recession, changes in anatomy such as gingival hyperplasia, biologic width and systemic conditions like diabetes have on overall periodontal health and review therapy to correct their impact and improve periodontal health. The goal is also to emphasis the role of good oral hygiene practices and maintenance compliance for patients with Gingivitis and Periodontitis for Hygienists and provide an understanding of the components of gingiva and the periodontium and how they relate to maintaining periodontal health of their patients. 


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Impact of Gingival tissue on periodontal health around teeth for Dental Hygienist
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