PDF Course – Treatment planning dental implants for partially edentulous patients — Part 1

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Enrolled: 23 students
Duration: 4 Continuing Education Credits
Lectures: 2
Level: Advanced

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At Expert Education Services.LLC, we cover all aspects of dental implant therapy starting from initial implant placement and restoration to complete reconstruction for edentulous patients we also cover periodontics in such a way that all the current topics in the field are available to dentists. Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels. Each course is Board Approved with Continuing Education Credits. Browse our site to learn more. We hope you enjoy our courses!

Course Summary:

   Partially edentulous arches that are being treatment planned for dental implants offer unique complexity for dentists due to often a prolonged amount of time prior to dental implant placement. Significant changes often happen in the edentulous sites that can result in loss of bone and soft tissue. A number of key concerns can also occur such as occlusal problems from loss of opposing dentition, sinus pneumatization, tooth extrusion, mastication and speech problems. For patients who are being rehabilitated with dental implants, careful planning is essential to achieving positive outcomes for patients. The first part of this course looks as factors impacting implant success, ways of mitigating risk factors, the current classification of Partially edentulous arches and impact on complexity of therapy, as well as role of occlusion and how to prevent off axis forces on implant restorations. The second part of the course looks at how to be able to achieve successful outcomes with Partially edentulous patients seeking dental implants and ways that these outcomes were accomplished showing multiple case reports and patient outcomes.


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