PDF Course – Treatment planning Anterior Maxillary dental implants

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Enrolled: 3 students
Duration: 2 Continuing Education Credit Hours
Lectures: 2
Level: Beginner

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At Expert Education Services.LLC, we cover all aspects of dental implant therapy starting from initial implant placement and restoration to complete reconstruction for edentulous patients we also cover periodontics in such a way that all the current topics in the field are available to dentists. Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels. Each course is Board Approved with Continuing Education Credits. Browse our site to learn more. We hope you enjoy our courses!

Course Summary:

  In placing dental implants in the esthetic zone, the goal is implant restorations that appear natural in appearance, and which in form and function are in harmony with adjacent teeth and restorations. To accomplish this strict adherence to principles involving bone and soft tissue to ensure optimal contours of tissue around the implant is important. A restorative driven protocol is used, and a risk assessment is performed to identify factors that can affect implant success and ways of preventing esthetic failure for maxillary implants. The objective of this course is to review completing a risk assessment as well as review esthetic, anatomic and iatrogenic factors that affect success of maxillary anterior implants, and ways of mitigating them to ensure implant success in the anterior maxilla. 

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