Video Course: Treatment Planning Overdentures for Dentists

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At Expert Education Services.LLC, we cover all aspects of dental implant therapy starting from initial implant placement and restoration to complete reconstruction for edentulous patients we also cover periodontics in such a way that all the current topics in the field are available to dentists. Our course selection is varied and unique to fit all needs and skill levels. Each course is Board Approved with Continuing Education Credits. Browse our site to learn more. We hope you enjoy our courses!

The use of Overdentures have been found to be a safe, relatively non-complicated way to increase retention and stability with denture prosthesis enhancing not only ability for patients to masticate, function and speak efficiently but it has been reported to significantly impact quality of life for patients. The prevalence of edentulism has continued to increase despite increased access to dental education, and preventive measures, mostly due to increased longevity in lifespan for older adults and increased number of population entering into that age group. 40.99 million adults reported use of dentures in 2020 and of that population a significant number of denture wearers indicate inability to wear or decreased comfort with use of their prosthesis. The goal of this course is to review Treatment planning of Overdentures, Components and Procedures involved in therapy, as well as sequence involved, to be able to provide dentists with a seamless way to incorporate Overdentures as a treatment modality for their edentulous patients.

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