Video Course: Treatment planning Posterior Dental Implants: Biomechanical and other factors affecting posterior implant success

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A number of factors affect dental implants that are placed in the posterior maxilla and mandible. These factors can include impact of occlusal load, the quality of bone in the area, parafunction related factors, surgical and restoration related factors and are important when treatment planning dental implants in the region. The potential for biomechanical failures in the posterior area is higher because that region of the mouth is subject to masticatory forces that are 4-5 times more than in the anterior area of the mouth. Occlusal overload and Periimplantitis are the two major causes of late implant failures in the mouth. The goal of this course is to review implant treatment planning in the posterior maxilla and mandible and identify key modifications that should be implemented for Dental implant success in the area.

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