Gingival recession is defined as migration of the gingival margin apically to the Cementoenamel junction (CEJ). Gingival recession is a highly prevalent condition, with potentially detrimental consequences such as teeth sensitivity, lack of keratinized tissue, and formation of carious and non carious cervical lesions. A number of key factors predispose for recession such as anatomic factors involving inadequate keratinized tissue or thin buccal plate, developmental conditions such as ectopic frenal attachment, and iatrogenic factors such as improper restorative or orthodontic therapy.

While the etiology of gingival recession is multi-factorial, the ability to correctly identify the underlying cause is essential to correctly treat it and prevent its progression. Our upcoming course on Root coverage procedures to treat gingival recession: Case reports and outcome assessments, reviews in detail etiology of recession as well as the procedures to address it, it also reviews when to treat or not treat recession and the outcome assessment of different procedures to correct it.

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