Online Continuing Education Credits benefits and Relevance for Today’s dentists: 

 Continuing Education Courses provide dentists with vital information that is essential in their daily practice. Dentists that take Continuing education courses have been found to be significantly more successful and better equipped than those that do not. Continuing education provides dentist with continued learning opportunities and professional development, empowering them on latest advances in different aspects of their profession. 

The information gained from Continuing Education improves patient care by dentists, because they are able to incorporate the information that is gained from their courses and apply it to treatment of future patients. Continuing education courses also allow for set requirements that are in place for continuing professional development of dentists by various State boards to be met. 

A number of limitations exist that can be able to impact the ability to take Continuing Education courses, these include the distance from practice location to place that course is taking place, potential of loss of income from having to take time from practice to attend courses, and the potential that the courses that are being offered might not be perceived as relevant by dentists.1,2 

Online Continuing Education Courses offer dentists opportunities to overcome some of these barriers by not requiring travel or impingement on scheduled patient treatment time and loss of revenue, as well as being able to offer dentists flexibility in when to take their courses. Online courses are accepted by dental boards of all states, and can be utilized to fulfill parts of Continuing Education requirements. 

At Expert Dental Education Services, our courses are board approved, and we strive to offer the latest topics on implant dentistry and periodontics and will be adding courses in other aspects on dentistry in the future. We strive to offer the latest topics with courses that are evidence based and contain the latest information on the topics covered. 


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2. Hopcroft MS, Marks CT, Manton DJ. Participation in Continuing professional development by Victorian Dental Practitioners in 2004; Australian Dental Journal 2008;53: 133-139. 

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