Why are some dentists more successful than others? What are most dentists doing that is killing their practice production and losing patients? Why is it hard to find good staff?

These are just some of the questions in the dental profession that cannot be answered solely with the handpiece in mind.

The answers are found in the dentist’s ability to positively lead and influence others by using good communication and leadership skills which are often not innate, but rather learned. Unfortunately, these skills are not taught alongside a dentists clinical education. Learning these skills can take years, even a lifetime, if not done properly. Why learn from your own, grueling, trial and error when you can learn from the success and failures of someone who has already done it? If you want to save time and money and solve the riddles of patient retention, dwindling production, difficult staff and long-term practice success, then practice management and leadership skills are where to start. Fancy, expensive equipment and advanced clinical CE will not help a practice grow unless there is a good practice management and leadership foundation to support clinical excellence.

The benefits of learning solid practice management and leadership skills has been proven to benefit a practice tenfold. Increased productivity, income, patient retention and staff cooperation are all measurable results of learned and applied practice management and leadership skills. The final result is a practice that works for you and continues to grow sustainably.

If a smooth running, conflict free, productive and successful dental practice is what you are looking for, then the first place to begin is by learning the foundation that supports success through practice management and leadership courses from a dentist who has been there and done it.

Dr. Leslie Pasco has been practicing dentistry since 1998 and successfully owning and operating dental practice since 2002 as well as coaching and consulting dentists all over the United States since 2008. With a multitude of success and failures under her belt, the information she shares is simple and straight forward which will save you time, money and unnecessary painful lessons in the long run. 

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